Free Playa Tour and Workshop in Dodge City

Join us on January 8 and 9, 2019, for the 3rd Annual Playa Lake Tour and Workshop, hosted by Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams (KAWS), in Dodge City, Kansas. This event is designed for landowners and tenants who have playas on their land, but is also open to individuals who are interested in learning more about this unique natural resource. Participants will learn about playas, the benefits they provide including groundwater recharge and wildlife habitat, and the conservation programs available for restoring and conserving playas.

The two-day event will begin with a playa tour on Tuesday, January 8, which will include visits to a few different playas that are enrolled in various conservation programs. Attendees will see what playa lakes may look like before, during, and after being accepted into a conservation program and using different management strategies to restore the health of a playa. There will also be opportunities to have open discussions about the pros and cons of each conservation program.

During the workshop, which will be held on Wednesday, participants will learn about the latest playa research, why playas are so important to the high plains ecosystem, and available playa conservation programs. There will also be an open discussion session where attendees can ask questions of technical staff and landowners who are participating in conservation programs and meet local staff who can give expert advice about playa lakes and playa restoration programs.

The Playa Lake Tour and Workshop is FREE for landowners and tenants with playa lakes on their land and includes lunch both days and tour transportation. For others who would like to attend, there is a $50 fee which covers lunch and transportation. Registration is required. To learn more, visit the KAWS website or contact your local USDA staff.

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